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Do you want to lower your utility bills but aren't sure where to start?  
You're not alone! 
Many people struggle with understanding their electricity and gas usage as well as finding ways to save money. However, it doesn't need to be a daunting task - by joining us at the Money Saving Network you can :- 
reduce your bills 
access to financial advice experts to help with pensions/savings/mortgages etc... 
access to a better way to deal with your insurance 
access to expert advice and tips that will help you reduce your costs 
information on the latest available grants to help you with your home 
And the best part? It's totally free! Read on to learn more about how the Money Saving Network can help you keep more cash in your pocket each month. 
Money Saving Network is part of Knaresborough Now llp, our local community magazine which has been offering a local community support function for over 12 years and started the MSN during covid to help people during a time of financial need. Since then, we have expanded to provide support, advice and guidance in several areas that have helps hundreds of local residents. 
We people save money on their household utilities, make pensions/investments work harder and smarter for no further investment, cheaper car/home/business insurance and also have information on grant sourcing to help people improve their homes. Our services are completely free too and are just to help save money in a climate where prices are constantly rising. 
Our latest development is helping local businesses to help their employees by using us as a benefit offering. By going into the businesses we are able to chat with employees directly saving them both time and money. It benefits the employer having a happier workforce who feel understood and appreciated plus the added bonus of less pressure on pay rises when their money already goes that little bit further! 
Our services are completely free and are just to give people ways to help save money in a climate where prices are constantly rising. 
Our highest demand service is for people to reduce their household bills and for this we introduce people to Utility Warehouse ... 
Why do we use Utility Warehouse ..... quite simply because it works!!! 
Utility Warehouse offer the best deals on bundled utilities in the UK on the market today - get all your utilities in one place - gas, electric, mobiles, broadband, insurance and more. As I found out during my divorce when money was tight and covid was just appearing on the horizon, my gas and electric in my old house were over £400pcm - upon switching to UW, the total came straight down to £250!!! This was really how the MSN all began! 
With other utility companies you get offered a deal that lasts a year or so, and, if you're not quick enough at switching at the end of that deal, you get shafted with exorbitant rates. UW don't believe in that. It's the same deals available for all customers and pricing is simply dependent upon the number of services you take - the more services, the more discount on your pricing ... it really is that simple. They are an ethical company run by people for people and run their services in the way they believe everyone deserves to receive them - well supplied, well supported and at a price that isn't out to bust the budget. That's why the average customer with UW stays approximately 20 years ... there's simply no need to keep jumping around and switching services. 
How can they do that when no-one else does? I hear you ask ... 
Simply because they can ... is the answer! If you image a pie cut into thirds .... all utilities companies use the first two thirds the same - the first covers the cost of the utilities that they provide and the second covers the cost of the staff/support/buildings/facilities etc.... Now this is where everything differs .... With all other utility companies the last third of the pie is spent on advertising. Up until the last month or so, UW has NEVER actually advertised - not once - and yet they have gained over 900,000 UK customers. Everything has been by word of mouth. They very recently experimented with a small number of bill board adverts and one-off adverts in a few high profile newspapers. They use the last third of the pie to pay partner commissions who bring in customers (as any business would) BUT they give the rest back to their customers in the form of exit fee refunds, money back for smart meters, cashback on purchases and new customer bonuses too. Do you know of any other utility company that does this? No - neither do I ... and that is why their customers stay! Great pricing, fantastic service and amazing treatment for everyday services. 
It's also a great way to earn money with only a few extra hours a week and is great for anyone from aged 18 to 108, whether you want to work 1 hour a week or 60 - it's totally your choice - so if you're looking to earn some extra cash, maybe reduce the number of extra hours you are doing at the office and see more of your family, this fits in around everything else, then please get in touch. 
Take a look at the short presentation as this gives you a fantastic insight : 
If you would like more details about our services or just an informal chat, please don't hesitate to call Rachel on 07986 731 291 or pop over to my Utility Warehouse website
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