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About us 

Helping support everything local! 

We’ve been supporting local since 2010, from local businesses to charities to local events and much, much more! 
Knaresborough Now was first published in September 2010 and after much demand from local Wetherby businesses, Wetherby Now was created in April 2017. We operate on a non-profit basis so that we can still help to support community events and activities. 
Our original remit was to deliver on a door-to-door basis, however, research has shown that over 85% of material not personally addressed to the homeowner gets immediately recycled or binned, meaning that our advertiser money was being wasted. Hence, we opted to return to our collection point network and expand on this. With Covid-19, we have considerably expanded our digital marketing side too to extend how we present to our readers and your potential customers. 
With an average monthly readership of over 42,000 made up from printed and digital magazine readers. We have over 
10,000+ copies* 
400+ collection points 
7,000+ email subscriptions 
11,000+ hits to our digital magazines 
… and that’s not even including our mobile app and social media presence! 
Both Knaresborough Now and Wetherby Now offer excellent and affordable advertising opportunities for local businesses, charities and event organisers and is the only advertising magazine in this area to have high quality, full colour for ALL adverts in a glossy print and digital format PLUS we also host our magazine online in a black and white version to help support as wide a reader audience as possible. 
What else makes us so unique … I hear you ask! 
Location, location, location … as they say! 
We firmly believe that local advertising is for local businesses – it’s as simple as that. So, if you’re not based within 15 miles of the centre of either Knaresborough or Wetherby AND you’re not independently owned or an independent franchise then you cannot be included in our magazines. 

Reducing your competition 

You’ll find in many advertising magazines and papers that you’re advert appears next to or opposite another local competitor. We don’t do that. Every double page spread is laid out to maximise your exposure for you with no competing businesses (wherever possible).  
There’s always a reason for our readers to stop on every double page spread too, whether it be a puzzle to do, a voucher to collect, article to read, etc… there’s always something. The only time you maybe on the same page as a local competitor is if we’re running a ‘special’ section such as ‘gardening’ or ‘spring cleaning’ which would require similar business types to be grouped. 

Maximising your advertising 

We work doubly hard to make sure that we reach as wide a range of reader audiences as possible for you through printed magazines, digital magazines, email and text campaigns and social media campaigns. 
We are here to support the individual traders and small businesses, high street shops etc… Goodness knows, there’s enough competition out there already so we’re here routing for you! Making your advertising work harder for the money! 
Make your business everybody’s business with Knaresborough Now and Wetherby Now, click here to advertise on our website 


*each printed magazine is read, on average, by 3 different people 
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