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Many of us have tried online trading at one point or another so please beware of the DIGITAL/ONLINE TRADING SCAMS and CRYPTO RECOVER SCAMS! 
I received a call this morning from a lovely gentleman called William Price from Infinity Plus who explained that several companies had been shut down and investigated for bad trading practices. They had either been investing customer funds in profit making currencies but telling the clients that they were failing and hanging onto the profits or what they called ‘profit marginalising’. 
If, like me, you don’t really know much about online trading then you probably didn’t make any money at it, lost it or found it really hard work and gave up. Either way, when someone starts an extremely convincing patter, telling you that your invested money has actually been earning for you the entire time it’s very easy to become interested. 
In my case, I usually smell a scam a mile away and thought I’d follow along and get further information to share with you! 
Mr Price had a very convincing patter and a less informed person would probably have been completely taken in. But I followed along with just the right amount of hesitation and questions until, eventually, I was told that my tiny £250 that I’d invested (lost) 5 years ago was now worth a whopping $27,448,48 !!! 
When I asked what was in it for them, William told me that their company were able to reclaim 5% of the total and I would get the remaining 95% - very convincing with the commission backstory. And let’s face it, who couldn’t do with an extra £20k in their bank account?? 
I was given a login to a very convincing website which allowed me to see everything, verify my account and even reclaim my money. 
In order to actually get the money though, you have to fill in all your personal details, upload either a passport or drivers license which basically means you given them carte blanche for idientity theft AND THEN send them $100 too. What’s the betting that when you make the withdrawal and they have your bank details that you account gets cleared out in record time? 
If you try to get off the phone they become very insistent and try every trick in the book to keep you on the phone talking until they have managed to talk you into pressing the buttons they want you to press or uploading what they want you to upload. The simple trick is to just apologise (if you feel the need to be polite), tell them you are too busy to talk and just hang up. If you give them the opportunity to keep talking to you they will … so don’t! 
At the end of the day, any bona fide company will happily be patient, call back, send information through the post etc…. and will certainly never pressure you as it’s not in their best interest to lose a client that can potentially earn them money on a genuine deal. 
Please don’t get caught out by scammers – if in the slightest bit of doubt always tell them you’ll call back. Any resistance to calling back is most likely a scam. 
Report scammers to the police on 101 and Trading Standards. 
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